Our Colloidal Gold

Inspired by the unique, substantial role & properties of each element in regards to our health, one stands out for its ability to support the proper function of our nervous and immune system - especially the immune systems protective work inside our joints: elemental gold. This precious trace mineral has gained widespread interest in medical & nutritional research (Ref. 1) and is being studied by universities and scientists for its functions within the human body (Ref. 3, 4, 5).

Physiologically, gold shows to be attracted to especially assist our joint health, cognitive abilities and mood.

Who can benefit from Colloidal Gold?

Colloidal Gold has shown to :

assist people with uncomfortable, stiff joints and/or decreased range of movement & restless legs

positively affect concentration, IQ, mental acuity, memory & focus needed during studies, at school or at work

support and nourish the endocrine system

positively affect hand-eye coordination, visual acuity, sport performance, reflexes & motor skills

support people affected by emotional stress, anxiousness & mood fluctuations  

assist emotional well-being & a sense of calm

naturally Increase energy levels

nutritionally assist the management of cravings (reducing the need for caffeine, alcohol, narcotics, and sugar).  

assist digestive function

Our Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silves amazing ability to support the body's immune system was rediscovered by leading contemporary scientists (Ref. 1) now you can utilise what they discovered and help your immune system effectively and naturally with our liquid mineral supplement and skin care range that won't blow your budget!

Who can benefit from Colloidal Silver?

Anyone who:

needs ongoing nutritional support for their immune system

is susceptible during the ills & chills season wants to assist the body's natural detoxification

wants to assist the natural immune function of the eyes, nose, ears & mouth

demands natural skin care that specifically helps your skin's immune defences

Our Bio-energised Ionic Colloidal Silver features:

latest, computerised technology

no additives / preservatives needed

smallest micro size ionic silver particles for superior absorption & utilisation

recommended by health professionals

Vibrational essences in some skin care products

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Smallest trace elements, amazing by any measure!

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