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Dosage Information

Colloidal Silver is a mineral in liquid form which can be used as a dietary supplement to effectively support your immune system. There are also many ways of using CS externally, i.e. for skin applications, for your pets, a sterile kitchen bench and more.


Experts recommend dosing according to the purpose 

Short term use, to assist the body during an acute need for immune support
Long-term use of chronic conditions that require immune assistance
• As a dietary dose for everyday use, simply to provide the body’s general nutritional need for this trace element.
1. The state of health, age, and quality of one’s diet can also influence an individual’s dosage needs. A test that was conducted on the body’s capacity to excrete Colloidal Silver (even when very high dosages was taken) showed that the vast majority had been excreted by the normal channels of elimination after 48 hours, with the rest being totally excreted within a period of weeks.  
2. A study by Dr. Altman (who had ingested 6 times the maximum dose recommended by the EPA over a period of six months without noticing any side effects): “ Colloidal Silver: Where does it go when you drink it? How long does it stay there?” 
3. It is a well- known fact that our soils have become depleted due to modern intensive farming practices, in particular, due to the lack of replenishing soils and the usage of toxic chemicals which decreases the nutrient content of the foods we consume. In regards to Colloidal Silver, Americans were supposed to have consumed the equivalent of 50 to 100 micrograms of the trace element silver at the beginning of last century.
4. The renowned research scientists Dr. Robert O. Becker and Dr. Gary Smith discovered the link between a compromised immune system and having inadequate levels of silver and observed that a silver deficiency frequently may correlate with recurrent and longer lasting ill health. 
5. However, according to the WHO, today most people in the West consume 7 to 15 times less silver than a hundred years ago (approximately 7 micrograms only), whereas people living in the 1990’s would have consumed approximately between 40 to 93 micrograms of silver daily. This is equivalent to 5 ml to 10 ml of our Colloidal Silver. 
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